Natural Home-Grown 100% Angus Beef

h- Beef

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Go ahead, try our beef. - We think you’ll agree It’s the best you’ll ever taste!


Why you should buy from h- Beef!

It tastes much better than what you are used to.

We age our beef a full 21 days - the way the best of
the best steakhouses do - because the longer aging
process ensures superior flavor and tenderness.

It’s the best quality of beef from the best breed of beef.

Our cattle are 100% Angus, a breed known for their superior quality and unsurpassed flavor and tenderness.

It’s lean, healthy and more nutritious for you.

Our 100% Angus beef is naturally lower in fat than other breeds. It’s low in saturated fat and loaded with protein, iron, B12 and zinc. It also offers two to six times more Omega 3 fatty acids -the good fat.

It’s cost-effective and convenient to buy in bundles and bulk.

Our beef is very competitively priced and easy to order - just call or email us, and we will deliver it to your door. Our prices are highly competitive, and you can order exactly what you want. You won’t find beef at the grocery store anywhere close to the quality, flavor or tenderness of our beef

You support local farm-to-home natural beef producers.

Our beef is bred and raised in a safe, natural environment - free from chemical additives and hormone implants. Our responsible stewardship of the land and animals means better quality, freshness, flavor and nutrition for you and your family.

Did you know -
Most Certified Angus beef is not 100% Angus Beef

Even the home grown certified Angus beef many farm-to-home beef producers sell only has to be 50% Angus to be labeled Certified Angus beef. At h-Beef.com, you get 100% Angus beef that is bred, born and raised from 100% purebred Angus at the Little h Bar Ranch. You can trust us to deliver the highest quality of free range natural 100% Angus beef each and every time. You have our word on it.